About Cereals & Grains 21​

Learn About Our New Online Format

The Cereals & Grains Association annual meeting, Cereals & Grains 21: A Series on Food Evolution is coming to you with an all-new format this year. While still online and offering opportunities to connect with cereals grains scientists from all over the world, we’ve separated our programming across three distinct dates so that you can attend when – and where – you want.

As with previous annual events, we’re bringing you live and on-demand industry-leading keynote speakers, symposia, and industry hot topic discussions, with the same opportunities to present and learn from research presented via ePosters and in Technical O​ral sessions. This year, we’re also developing new ways to network with your peers in engaging platforms that allow you to establish and build relationships with colleagues worldwide.

Dedicated Topics on Dedicated Dates

With content spread out to provide education and information throughout the year, you can register for some or all of the 3 dates of this years meeting. Each date has its own topic to help you learn about advancements and trends in the overarching theme of Food Evolution:

  • Ensuring Quality and Safety in the Grain Industry
    Thursday, June 24

  • Grains Can Meet the Growing List of Demands of the Environmental and Health-Conscious Consumer
    Wednesday, November 17​

  • New Innovation Strategies to Meet Food Security, Environmental and Market Needs
    Thursday, November 18

We hope you’re able to join us for Cereals & Grains 21: A Series on Food Evolution as we advance cereals grains science! We look forward to seeing you online soon!