This year’s theme for Cereals & Grains 22 is Innovating the Future of Food. This annual meeting features a new format with ample time for discussion, numerous thought-provoking topics, and various opportunities to learn from expert-led panels.

Keynote Sessions

Opening Session: Risk Mitigation in the Food Chain

Sustainability Panel: How Do Food Companies Use Grains to Improve Their Sustainability Message?

Closing Session: Sensory Science and Data Driven Product Development

Scientific Sessions

Current Trends: Food Safety & Baking
Organized by Lindsey Thies (Bimbo Bakeries)

Food Safety Crises of the Future 
Organized by Kristen Irsik (Lesaffre) & Amit Vikram (Intralytix)

Fractionation in Light of Sustainability Concerns
Organized by Laura Roman Rivas (Aarhus University)

Latest Insights on Carbohydrate Nutritional Quality
Organized by Bruce Hamaker (Purdue University) & Mario Martinez-Martinez (Aarhus University)

Legume Contribution in Healthy and Sustainable Gastronomy
Organized by Fatma Boukid (ClonBio Group Limited)

Personalized vs. Population Nutrition to Understand the Nutritional Quality of Carbohydrates
Organized by Bruce Hamaker (Purdue University) 

Regenerating Upcycled Grains to Preserve Healthy Ingredients for Global Sustainability
Organized by Phil Saneski (Farming Hope) & Kornelija Matkovic (J. Rettenmaier USA)

Sustainability and Regenerative Agriculture
Organized by Anne Bridges (Cereals & Grains Association) & Ray Shillito (BASF)

The Future of Wheat: Current Events and What the Future Holds​
Organized by Allan Fritz (Kansas State University) & E.B. Russell (Lesaffre)

Innovation Forum

Case studies from established companies will be presented with a focus on incubating small companies. Learn what steps these companies took, the questions that were asked, how issues were addressed and what defined success. Time will be given for roundtable discussions and bite-sized presentations on new technologies and challenges. 

Tentative Schedule-at-a-Glance

Wednesday, November 9​ ​Thursday, November 10 ​Friday, November 11
  • Opening Keynote
  • Networking Lunch
  • Poster Viewing
  • Industry Connection Rooms
  • Scientific Sessions
  • Networking Reception
  • Scientific Sessions
  • Innovation Forum
  • Networking Lunch
  • Poster Viewing
  • Innovation Keynote
  • Happy Hour Networking
  • ​Scientific Sessions
  • ​​Closing Sustainability Panel

Subject to change as programming is confirmed