​​​Who Attends?

Connect with leaders in the cereals and grains community from all over the globe this October in Schaumburg, Illinois. The annual meeting of the Cereals & Grains Association is the place to be to engage in discussions and collaborate with pioneering researchers who are pushing the boundaries in the field of cereal chemistry. ​​

Cereals & Grains 23 brings together attendees from​ private companies, the public sector, ​and academia. ​

​Cereals & Grains 23 draws a global audience,
connecting attendees from all over the world. 

Cereals & Grains 23 unites a diverse audience and a wide range of expertise. Attendees work in these areas:​​



  Product ​Development​

Quality Assurance
Quality Control
Research & Development
Sales & Marketing


​​Attendees of Cereals & Grains 23​ are at all levels of their careers. You can expect to meet professionals in the following job positions:​

​​​​​               ​​


​The following companies will be in attendance and support Cereals & Grains 23:​

​​ ​​