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Future Annual Meetings

Cereals & Grains 21 will take place ​in three parts and be known collectively as "A Series on Food Evolution". Each part of our meeting consists of (1) full day of programming, and every day's programming will answer the following questions​:
  • ​​​Thursday, June 24​: ​How do we ​ensure quality and ​safety in the grain industry?
  • Thursday, November 17: ​​How do we meet the growing list of demands​ of the environmental ​and health-conscious consumer?
  • Thursday, November 18​: How do we innovate faster to meet food security, environmental and market needs?

​Join Live Meeting​

Our sp​onsors will make connections and stay relevant during this virtual meeting - if sponsorship is of interest, take a look at our sponsorship prospectus and sponsorship reservation form​ and reach out with any questions! ​

Brianna Plank
Director, Business Development​