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Leavening Basics​​

Broadcast Date: April 21st 2021 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Central
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Ingredient statement content is being scrutinized by consumers and therefore product developers are evaluating what they put in their baked goods. The ingredients for chemical leavening (aka bubbles) are unique and often not well understood. Leavening is fundamental to the appearance, texture, taste and color of many bakery products. Chemical leavening has been a useful tool for bakers for over 100 years. With new industry trends there are significant challenges when formulating using alternative ingredients for clean label or special diets.

Webinar Summary

Do you understand how the bubbles are produced in your pancake? Can you find the leavening ingredients on a label? And do you know the function of each one? Do you know what all the options are to produce the desired volume and texture of your biscuit, muffin, cake or flour tortilla, for example? Are leavening systems interchangeable?

This webinar will answer these questions about producing carbon dioxide to create the bakery products that are appealing. It will start with a review of the roots of chemical leavening. Identifying the chemical leavening actors from ingredient declarations on typical products and an explanation of the chemical leavening reaction will follow. Leavening acids and how they control timing of gas production will be examined. We will wrap up with bicarbonates and using the essential Neutralizing Value to pair them properly with the acids. After the presentation of the fundamentals of chemical leavening, there will be time for your questions.

About the Presenters

Nita Livvix

Nita Livvix
B&G Foods

Nita Livvix, R&D Manager for B&G Foods at the Clabber Girl facility in Terre Haute, IN is a graduate of Kansas State University and has been in the food industry for most of her life. At Clabber Girl, she has focused on chemical leavening ingredients in order to understand their function and develop baking powder systems. She has worked directly with bakers to help them choose the best ingredients for optimal quality of their products. She enjoys working with others on the Cereals and Grains Chemical Leavening Committee to educate about the importance of choosing the right leavening system

Dr. Sharon Book

Dr. Sharon Book
ICL Food Specialties

Dr. Sharon Book is currently a Bakery Technologist for ICL Food Specialties in St. Louis, MO, where her work focuses on learning and sharing information about chemical leavening and baked goods. Her interest in cereal chemistry began while conducting graduate research at the University of Minnesota. Both her MS and PhD degrees examined wheat starch and gluten at the molecular level to understand their effects on conventional and microwave heated baked goods. This background was utilized when Dr. Book began working for Monsanto investigating how to make bread without yeast; research that resulted in a patent. She has extensive experience working in chemical leavening and with customers in a variety of bakery applications.  She has also conducted research to more fully understand the impact of leavening acids on the properties of tortillas, cakes and other baked products. In addition to several patents, Dr. Book is the co-author of many peer reviewed trade journal articles and two book chapters

Rob Berube

Rob Berube

Rob Berube received a B.A. degree from St. Anselm College (Manchester, NH) with a major in Chemistry, and an M.S. degree in Engineering Management from Western New England College (Springfield, MA). He held scientific and management positions in product development and quality assurance at several consumer product companies prior to managing the technical service function at Church & Dwight Co., Inc., manufacturers of Arm & Hammer™ brand bicarbonates. Rob has been an active member and chair of the Cereal and Grains Association Chemical Leavening Agents Technical Committee. He has also been an instructor at chemical leavening seminars sponsored by Cereal and Grains and at other venues.