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Auto-Renew Program

Make your Cereals & Grains membership as easy as possible. Enroll in Auto-Renew, and never have to worry about keeping your membership up-to-date! Simply check the "Auto-Renew" box when you join or renew your membership, or contact us.

What is the Auto-Renew Program?

Auto-Renew allows members to pay their dues directly from their credit card or bank account (ACH transfers currently available to U.S. and Canadian members only). The Auto-Renew payment process automatically renews each year, saving you from having to resubmit your renewal and payment information annually.

What are the Benefits of Auto-Renew?

Your benefits continue without interruption, and you will never have to remember to renew again

Will I Receive an Invoice?

Cereals & Grains Association will send you a reminder notice 75 days before your member dues are charged. The reminder notice provides details on your total amount to be charged, and your current membership/subscription options, so you can make changes if necessary

When Will I Get Charged?

Your credit card or bank account will be charged 35 days prior to your renewal date. If your credit card information is expired, we will contact you to update it.

How do I Change or Update my Auto-Renew Contact/Payment Information?

You must notify Cereals & Grains Association of any changes to your e-mail address or payment information. You can update your contact information online, and can contact Cereals & Grains Association to update your payment preferences.

Can I Opt-Out of Auto-Renew?

Yes. Notify Cereals & Grains Association at least 60 days before your membership renewal date if you would like to opt-out of auto-renew. If you do decide to opt-out, you will still remain on the regular renewal schedule, and will be able to renew your membership annually.