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• Connect with 1400+ Members Worldwide

• Expand your Career Opportunities in the Job Center

• Voting privileges

• Reduced Annual Meeting Registration Rate

• Discounted Subscription Rates for Cereal Chemistry

• Free online access to 
Cereal Foods World​

• Present Research at a Meeting, or in a Journal

• Join a Technical Committee to Define a New Scientific Method

• Develop Industry Standing on a Working Group

• Reduced Publication Author Rates

• Access to the Hub of our Online Publications

• Free Live and On-Demand Webinars

• 10% Off on our Online Books Collection


Access to Focused Resources

With a laser focus on the cereals and grains food science industry, our members enjoy convenient access to resources that are completely tailored to the work that they do every day. With subscription discounts on the peer-reviewed, highly-scientific Cereal Chemistry, we are the trusted choice for food science evolutionists worldwide.

Access to Opportunities for Collaboration

With global events held annually, Cereals & Grains Association understands the value of face-to-face connections. Our Annual Meeting is the ultimate opportunity to learn from and share with members from all disciplines in the industry.

For those looking to engage and collaborate on a deeper level, our board, sections, divisions and committees offer a unique chance for members to do so.

Members looking to collaborate on a specific topic are encouraged to reach out to Cereals & Grains staff. Our welcoming and knowledgeable team excels at identifying resources for collaboration based upon member need.

Dynamic Platforms

For many, the chance to share their work with the cereals and grains food science world is of the utmost importance. At Cereals & Grains Association, members at every stage of their career find opportunities to publish and/or present their work. Member-produced content abounds in our in-house publications, content-rich website and in-person events.

Approachable & Integrated Network of Technical Experts

Our smaller size lends itself to a culture that is warm, approachable and community-like. Members feel comfortable and empowered to reach out to one another - in-person or via our member directory. Global events, such as the annual meeting, give members numerous chances to connect with the best and the brightest in the industry.


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Cincinnati $30

Cereals&Europe (European)​ $25
Print Journal U.S. Canada Elsewhere
Northwest $25 ($5 students)

Professional/EC $235 $272 $286

$74 $108 $118

Online Journal All Locations  

Professional/EC $149  
Included in membership  



Biotechnology $15 (Free Students)   All Locations  ​
Carbohydrate $15 (Free Students) All Members $175    
Engineering & Processing $15 (Free Students)
Milling & Baking $25 (Free Students)
Nutrition $15 ($5 Students)
Protein $20 (Free Students)
Rheology $15 (Free Students)
Rice $15 (Free Students)
Student Association Included with membership
NEW! Food Safety and Quality $0
NEW! Pulses $0
NEW! Pet and Animal Food $0