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​Cereals & Grains Association Award Committees​

The Awards Committee is responsible for oversight of the Cereals & Grains Association Awards Program, ensuring the program functions effectively and that award winners are selected in accord with the specified policies and procedures. The Committee will recommend to the Board any changes in policies or procedures deemed necessary to improve functioning of the program. Each Cereals & Grains Association award has its own jury which encourages nominations of suitable candidates, reviews the nominations that are submitted to them, and selects a nominee in accord with the specified policies and procedures.

  • Award Jury 1: Excellence in Teaching, Fellows, and the Young Scientist Research Award
  • Award Jury 2: Thomas Burr Osborne Medal, Alsberg-French-Schoch, and the Phil Williams Applied Research Award
  • Approved Methods Technical Committee: Edith Christensen Award
  •  ​