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Watch for the January 2020 Cereal Chemistry Focus Issue on Cereal Grains for Nutrition and Health!

Grains are the foundation of the human diet. They are a major source of macro- and micronutrients and provide essential sustenance for the gut microbiota, which are fundamental to the host’s overall well-being. The functional performance, nutritional qualities, and economic value of grains are influenced by genetics, environmental conditions during growth, and processing. Whole grains are recognized as particularly important for promoting health, and most nutritional guidelines now recommend inclusion of a greater proportion in the diet. However, whole grains tend to be unpalatable and indigestible and need to be processed into food products that retain their beneficial properties and are attractive to consumers. The Focus Issue will consider the relationship between cereal grains (including grains from niche crops) and nutrition and health. Submissions of Review Articles and shorter Views and Opinions pieces, as well as original research papers, will be welcome on the importance of grains in whole dietary patterns, differentiation between different carbohydrates in grains with respect to physiological functionality and health, microbially accessible grain carbohydrates, FODMAPS, role of grain-based carbohydrates across the lifespan, and personalized nutrition.

Guest Editors of the Focus Issue will be Mary Ellen Camire (University of Maine), Mike Gidley (University of Queensland) and Vicky Solah (Curtin University).

Publishing research in a single-topic focus issue offers authors the benefit of increased impact from being part of a concerted issue of related work that highlights progress in a focal area. The footprint and reach of Cereal Chemistry have been greatly increased by the partnership between the journal and Wiley.

Publication of the Focus Issue is scheduled for January 2020, but papers will be published online directly on acceptance. There are no page fees for the first 8 pages (typically 5,000 words). Open access publication in Cereal Chemistry is also available. Submitted manuscripts go through the regular peer-review process and meet the scope and quality standards of Cereal Chemistry.

Les Copeland
Editor-in-Chief, Cereal Chemistry