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Hemicelluloses of the Cementing Layer and of Some Cell Walls of the Corn Kernel.

H. L. Seckinger, M. J. Wolf, and M. M. MacMasters. Copyright 1960 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Hemicellulose fractions of the cementing layer and of various cell walls in the corn kernel were analyzed by quantitative paper chromatography. Dilute acid hydrolysis of the cementing layer showed that it contained 60% polysaccharide composed of 55% arabinose, 31% xylose, and 14% glucose. Total nitrogen analysis indicated a protein content of 30%. Cell walls of the scutellar parenchyma, scutellar epithelium, and endosperm were found to contain 50, 30, and 20% hemicellulose, respectively. On hydrolysis, hemicellulose of the endosperm cell walls yielded 34% arabinose, 35% xylose, and 31% glucose in contrast to the hemicellulose of the cell walls of scutellar parenchyma and epithelium, each of which yielded about 60% arabinose, 30% xylose, and 5% galactose. In addition, a small amount of glucose was found in the hydrolysate of the cell walls of the scutellar parenchyma. No pectic substances were found in any of the cell walls examined.

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