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​On the use of native corn starch as a standard reference material for falling number

The authors describe a study​ to evaluate falling number measurements across laboratories and time, which may serve as a basis for establishing guidelines on operational limits for networked falling number instruments.

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State of the Society Remarks from Dave Braun

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Introducing Five Approved Methods from Technical Committees in 2019

AACC 61-04.01
Gelatinization Temperature of Milled Rice Flour

AACC 61-10.01
Determining Crack Resistance and Translucency of Paddy Rice Kernels Using the PaddyCheck Instrument

AACC 66-51.01
Fully Cooked Time of Spaghetti

AACC 66-52.01
Determination of Cooked Spaghetti Firmness

AACC 56-15.01
Solvent Retention Capacity Profile—Automated Measurement