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Advancing innovation across the broad disciplines of cereal grain science through research, education, collaboration, technical service, and advocacy.

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Protein quality and Bioavailability Webinar

April 23, 2024 – 1:00 p.m. Central Time

All members can register to join us for this new webinar to learn about regulatory issues with protein and protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) with Dr. James House, University of Manitoba. ​Register today to learn about the application of protein quality measures, including the potential to use in vitro methods, in regulatory guidelines relative to the nutritional facts for protein content.​​

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May 22–23, 2024 – University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

Rice is one of the leading​ food crops in the world and is nutritious, versatile, and gluten-free. Using a mix of lecture and lab work, this course will provide information and hands-on experience about rice physiology, quality, milling, functionality, and sensory evaluation. The structure and composition of a rice kernel and the physicochemical properties of kernel constituents will also be discussed.​​


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milling & baking spring technical conference

Register today to join us in April!

The 2024 Milling & Baking Division Spring Technical Conference will be held April 10–11, 2024, in Fort Worth, Texas. You don't have to be in our division to attend—​registration is open to all! Join us for two days of programming carefully designed to inform participants of new technologies, the marketplace and how it’s changing, general market outlook, regulatory changes, advances in food safety, and much more!


Spectroscopy-based prediction of 73 wheat quality parameters and insights for practical applications

To enable the prediction of com​plex wheat quality parameters, Nagel-Held et al. added information from Raman and fluorescence spectra to the near-infrared spectra of whole grain and extracted flour and then assessed model robustness by predictions across cultivars, locations, and years. The proposed method was proven suitable for applications in the wheat value chain, and the findings provide valuable insights for practical implementations.



New AACC Laboratory Proficiency Rating Program (LPRP) Series — Alternative Flour!

Subscribe to our new Alternative Flour Series (ALTFLR) in the LPRP Flour Analysis Category today to receive bimonthly samples of flour from pulses, grain, and cereal sources other than wheat, such as peas, quinoa, and lentil. Analys​​​es include moisture, protein, ash, dietary fiber, total starch, and more.

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New Guidelines for AACC Approved Methods of Analysis

The new Guideline for Dietary Fiber Analysis​ method helps you select the appropriate method for measuring dietary fiber, based on the ingredients in the formulation. Find it in Section 32 — #32-01.01.​

You can find our other recently added method, Guideline for the Production of Laboratory-Milled Whole Wheat Flour, in Section 26 — #26-05.01.​

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