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Call for Papers! Publish in the Cereal Chemistry 2024 Focus Issue on Whole Grains in Foods

Guest Editors Marta Izydorczyk and Chris Seal invite papers that contribute new insights on the science, nutrition, products and applications, consumer research, environmental sustainability, and other relevant aspects of whole grains. Submit by September 30, 2023.

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Guideline on Method Selection for Dietary Fiber Analysis

This new method helps you select the appropriate method for measuring dietary fiber, based on the ingredients in the formulation. Find it in Section 32 — #32-01.01

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You can find our other recently added method, Guideline for the Production of Laboratory-Milled Whole Wheat Flour, in Section 26 — #26-05.01.

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Discover Grain Processing Techniques

Cereal grains are packed with nutrition and are an important part of a healthy diet. Processing techniques play a vital role in improving the nutritional value, shelf life, texture and appearance, and the functional properties of grain-based food ingredients. For our Grain Processing Techniques Food for Thought, we've collected resources that illustrating the value of these techniques in food production.

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Functional Food Research

Mapping and analysis of volatomes from pearl millet (Pennisetum gaucum L.) grains during different storage conditions with solid-phase microextraction–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry​

Shilpa Selvan and colleagues describe the use of volatiles for non-destructive quality monitoring of pearl millet during storage, presenting information that may also broadly benefit quality monitoring systems of stored grains in general. This article is free to read for a limited time. 



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