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Advancing innovation across the broad disciplines of cereal grain science through research, education, collaboration, technical service, and advocacy.

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Our new Research Council invests in science and supports research by funding scientific projects related to the cereals and grains industries. Learn more about the new Research Council and sponsorship​ opportunities now!​​​

In Memoriam: Arthur Nathan Hibbs (1921–2022)

Arthur Nathan Hibbs, an internationally known grain miller, consultant, and author, passed away May 31, 2022, in Florida after a life well lived. He was born in Kansas in 1921. He graduated from Kansas State University with a Master of Science in Milling Technology in 1947 as Dr. Schellenberger’s first graduate student. Read more and donate to his memorial fund here.

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Introducing Food Safety –​​​ Our Latest Topic!

Food for Thought recently ​launched our newest topic, Food Safety, in recognition of World Food Safety Day on June 7. Explore curated resources highlighting the importance​ of foodborne risk detection and food safety management systems, then post your questions and thoughts on food safety in our dedicated Food for Thought Forum in The Grain Bin online community.

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Functional Food Research

Effect of freeze-thaw cycles at different temperatures on the properties of gluten proteins in unfermented dough

Yunfei Dai et al. investigated the effects of different freezing temperatures and freeze-thaw cycles on several properties of gluten protein. Their results provide a theoretical basis for the quality management and control of frozen wheat dough during storage and transportation.

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New AACC Approved Method: Total Amino Acids by UHPLC-UV 

A new method applicable to grain-based matrices provides quantitative determination, in a single analysis, of amino acids (excluding tryptophan) via UHPLC-UV. The method includes example chromatograms, tables, and relevant equations for calculation and expression of results. Find it in Section 07 — #07-50.01.

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