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​​​​​We are all about trust.

With a long history of fostering scientific excellence and innovative technologies, our membership has confidence that everything we present is vetted and unbiased. Members also feel secure in the knowledge that our staff of experienced professionals can offer accurate and helpful guidance on any number of cereals and grains-related issues.

  • We have represented and supported the cereals and grains community for over 100 years.
  • We are the leading authority on Cereals & Grains Methods and Check Samples.
  • We are a non-profit operating under total transparency and an open committee environment.
  • Our publications are peer-reviewed, unbiased and science-based.
  • Our collaborative outcomes benefit from the varied stakeholder perspectives of academia, industry and government.
Cereals & Grains Association is dedicated to its vision to deliver the science behind 75% of the world's diet through three strategic focus areas. Read more about these in our Scientific Initiatives section​.