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​Strategic​ Goals​

Cereals & Grains Association has long been a resource for technical information and a pipeline for presenting breakthrough research. To continue this vital tradition, and to focus on the core of the organization, Cereals & Grains Association is dedicated to its vision to deliver the science behind 75% of the world's diet. 


View Past ​President, Marta Izydorczyk's 2021 Membership Update on Cereals & Grains Association key initiatives.

Strategic Goals and Outcomes

​​​​Goal 1: Stakeholders Will Trust the Science Behind Cereals and Grains

  • ​Industry Standards
    • Methods become the primary standard for the industry
    • Cereals & Grains Association Check Sample is the Single process for insuring utilization of methods
    • Cooperate industry-wide messaging
  • Provide credible forums for dissemination of basic and applied science
  • Provide Cereals & Grains basics/training to emerging markets
    • Identify critical markets such as wheat milling in India
  • Increase the focus on Innovation
    • Sustainability
    • Fulfilling the nutritional needs​

GOAL 2: Grains Scientists Will Rely on the Association

  • Increase understanding of the needs of the industry and members
    • Develop an ongoing research/input program to provide future-looking focus to content.
  • Increase focus on early career professionals
    • Identify the professional pathway for members
  • Provide training for new professionals
  • Develop professional advancement tools based upon member input
    • Professional recognition
    • Publications
  • Reshape leadership to include multi-generational and multi-segment perspectives
    • Redesign member engagement structure
    • Examine a new process for governance and setting of priorities
    • Improve training for leaders

GOAL 3: Global Transfer of Knowledge Will Promote Innovation Across All Aspects of the Cereal-based Diet

  • Redesign all content distribution
    • Develop a content distribution plan
    • Reshape journal, publications, and content forums based upon the distribution plan.
  • Increase collaborative focus on the science of grains
    • Ensure pulses and all cereal grains are part of the focus
    • Redesign member/industry engagement
    • Bring together industry leaders annually to discuss trends and future assumptions (reshape Scientific Advisory Panel)
  • Improved partnerships
    • Increase collaboration on sustainable farming practices
    • Partner with groups who have complimentary missions
    • Build technical alliances
  • Reshape networking opportunities
    • Identify the professional segments and content areas that provide the most effective opportunities to transfer knowledge
  • Transition to a true global organization
    • Identify content that is not defined by national borders
    • Identify the most effective methods of translating content to multiple languages​