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​Current Strategic​ Goals and Outcomes​

​Cereals & Grains Association has long been a resource for technical information and a pipeline for presenting breakthrough research in cereal grain science. To continue this vital tradition, and to focus on the core of the organization, Cereals & Grains Association is dedicated to its vision to deliver the science behind 75% of the world's diet through the following strategic goals and objectives:*​

Goal 1: Stakeholders Will Trust the Science Behind Cereals and Grains

​Objective 1: Industry Standards​

a) AACC Approved Methods of Analysis to become the primary standard for the industry​

b) AACC Laboratory Proficiency Rating Program (LPRP)​ is the single process for insuring the utilization of methods.

c) Coordinate industry-wide messaging.​

Objective 2: Provide credible forums for the dissemination of basic and applied science.

Objective 3: Increase understanding of the needs of the industry and members.

Objective 4: Develop an ongoing market research/input program to provide future-looking focus to content. 

Goal 2: Global Transfer of Knowledge Will Promote Innovation Across All Aspects of the Cereal-based Diet​

Objective 1: Ensure all content is appropriately developed.

a) Ensure the content plan is based upon the customer preferences and industry needs. 

b) Reshape networking opportunities.

c) Identify the professional segments and content areas that provide the most effective opportunities to transfer knowledge. 

​* 2024-25 Cereals & Grains Association Strategic Goals as of November 2023​