Cereals & Grains Technical Committees​

Cereals & Grains Association Technical Committees do the important work that makes the methods possible. Overseeing collaborative studies, peer review, statistical verification, and providing enhancements are among the many responsibilities of the 22 Approved Methods Technical Committees. New committees are added as new issues emerge and conditions require.

These committees are active throughout the year. The Cereals & Grains Association needs members and volunteers to continue proposing new methods and actively p​articipate in method validation and approval processes. Your participation and involvement can be both immensely rewarding and satisfying.  Contact us, a Committee Chair, Approved Methods Board Member, or the Approved Methods Board Coordinator to get involved today!​

Technical Committees:

All Technical Committees are involved in identifying and establishing appropriate analytical methods and supporting guidance documents to enable reliable evaluation of food and food ingredients’ nutrition, quality, safety,​ and performance attributes.​​ ​

​Learn more about the many Cereals & Grains Technical Committees:

Approved Methods Technical Leadership - Approved Methods Board​ (AMB)
The AMB consists of all Technical Committee chairs.​

Asian Products

Bioactive Compounds Methods

Bread Baking Methods

Check Sample

Chemical Leavening Agents

Dietary Fiber and Other Carbohydrates

Enhancements Review

Experimental Milling

Food Safety and Microbiology

Methods for Grain and Flour Testing

Molecular Biomarkers for Grain

Oat and Barley Products

Pasta Products Analysis

Physical Testing Methods

Protein and Enzyme Methods

Pulse and Legume

Rice Milling and Quality

Soft Wheat and Flour Products

Spectroscopic Methods

Statistical Advisory

Vitamin, Minerals and Lipids

Yeast Evaluation