​Harmonized Methods​

AACC International (now Cereals & Grains Association) was formed for the purpose of standardizing analytical grain methods nearly 100 years ago. The International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC) was founded in 1955 and also standardizes methods. Both organizations have developed independent analytical methods and both have rigorous procedures for the approval of new methods and of modifications to existing methods. The organizations developed a subset of harmonized methods that are acceptable by any cereals laboratory worldwide for the analysis of key constituents and parameters that are frequently tested on an international basis. The following methods are a result of this agreement. 

Constituent/ParameterAACC Method Number
Falling Number56 - 81.03
Gluten Index (Mechanical)38 - 12.02
Protein: Kjeldahl46 - 12.01
Protein: Dumas46 - 30.01
Protein: NIRS39 - 10.01
Wet Gluten (Mechanical)38 - 12.02
Zeleny Sedimentation​​56 - 61.02