AACC Approved Methods of Analysis FAQ​

The questions and answers below have been compiled to further explain the Cereals & Grains Association position on its institutional electronic subscriptions.

Q: Why is there no print version available?

A: The Approved Methods Technical Leadership Committee felt that offering a print edition is outdated in international usage and opted to go with the online-only format because of the many benefits that can be offered in an electronic delivery system.

Q: How do I get a subscription to online access?

A: Subscriptions are available to companies, universities, government agencies, and self-employed independent consultants. To subscribe, please complete the quote request form.

Q: How is the annual subscription price of an institution’s online access determined?

A: Cereals & Grains Association uses a number of factors to determine the price of your methods electronic subscription, including the number of food scientists at your company or institution and purchase history of the prior edition. Cereals & Grains Association is a nonprofit publisher with the goal to make the methods widely available online to as many potential users as possible at rates that allow the association to continually update the methods.

Q: How do the employees or students at an institution gain access to the AACC Approved Methods of Analysis, 11th Edition, online on a daily basis?

A: Via IP address recognition, so that users do not need to login to get to the methods and online tools they need. Online access is quick, easy, and seamless.

Q: What if the institution has more than one location?

A: Cereals & Grains Association asks each institution to identify the locations served by the IP ranges it provides access to when first subscribing.

Q: May employees, faculty, and students gain access to the online methods when they travel to other locations by remote personal login to their institution’s internal network?

A: Yes, but only if they work, teach, or attend the institution in the location(s) served by the IP ranges where the electronic access is subscribed.

Q: What happens if a company or institution drops its electronic subscription at some point?

A: The institution will lose access.

Q: Are institutional users permitted to make copies of Cereals & Grains Association materials for distribution outside the institution’s own employees, faculty, students, and/or local library patrons where the methods are subscribed?

A: No.

Q: What about interlibrary loan?

A: Subscribing institutions may supply interlibrary loan to the extent that they do normally with print materials. Rather than supply electronic files, the loaning institution may only supply printouts.

Q: Will licenses or signed agreements be required in the future?

A: Cereals & Grains Association reserves the right to require licenses or signed agreements in the future. But at this time, we only require that subscribers adhere to the terms of use as posted on this site.