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​About Cereals & Grains Association

Cereals & Grains Association is a global, nonprofit association of scientists and food industry professionals working to advance the understanding and knowledge of cereal grain science and its product development applications through research, leadership, education, technical service, and advocacy.

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Our Vision

Deliver the science behind 75% of the world's diet.

Our Mission

Advance innovation across the broad disciplines of cereal grain science through research, education, collaboration, technical service, and advocacy. ​

Strategic Plan

Our Board of Directors utilizes a continuous strategic planning process to make decisions and deploy resources that meet our member expectations, as well as the vision and mission of Cereals & Grains Association.

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Our members are represented by the Board of Directors, which meets regularly throughout the year to review policy issues and action items in the context of the Strate​gic Plan. The Board regularly consults with vario​​us committees and other associations, agencies, and organizations to ensure timely responses to current issues, opportunities, and developments. 

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Association leadership relies on our strategic plan and these official resources to guide our strategic plan and the efforts of our organization. 

​Articles of IncorporationCurrent By​laws​​Privacy ​Policy​​

Our Approach

Connecting Science to Key Issues

  • As industry issues arise, we strive to provide science-based approaches and responses to address current needs. Our diverse membership provides creative and scientific strength to quickly bring experts together and react to issues at-hand.
  • With our Codex observer status, our representatives attend and provide comments at relevant committee meetings, such as those of the Codex Committee for Methods of Analysis and Sampling.​
  • Through our methods validation activities, our scientific authority is acknowledged when proposing definitions and providing comments to regulatory agencies worldwide. Key definitions developed include dietary fiber, whole grain, oat bran, glycemic carbohydrates, and aleurone.
  • We advise on industry standards and guidelines through:
    • comments on whole grain label statements
    • guidance on food allergens, food labeling, and nutrition with respect to gluten-free foods
    • review and advice on health claims relating to the consumption of certain oat products to a reduced risk of CHD.

​Association Offerings and Benefits

Members have access to a variety of resources from scientific information and technical​ research on cereal grains and related fields. We aim to keep our members and supports up-to-date on key issues through meetings, publications, and activities that promote networking and professional growth. 

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