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Engage with Cereals & Grains Association​

Cereals & Grains Association members who are looking for exceptional experiences that have the potential to enhance both grain and cereal science as well as their personal leadership and networking skills should consider engaging with Cereals & Grains Association as a volunteer for a section, division, working group, panel, or committee.

Member volunteers tackle important issues, keep members informed, manage the details, and are a key ingredient to making things happen for Cereals & Grains Association.  It’s important work and relies on a breadth of member involvement. With several options to choose from, it’s easy to become involved in Cereals & Grains Association and all members are welcome to participate.

What level of commitment is necessary?

Volunteer positions can range in scope from short, focused projects for a couple of months to longer positions with specified terms, which is typically renewable. During this time, volunteers attend and participate in their specific meetings, held each year, and are involved in activities of the board, office or committee they serve. The nature and extent of the activities depends on its mission, as well as on the imagination, enthusiasm, and dedication of its members. As an active volunteer member, you can make a difference.

What Cereals & Grains Association volunteer opportunities are available?​

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Contact us to find out how you can get involved.

Already engaged in Cereals & Grains Association?

If you are already engaged in a committee, section, or division, then consider encouraging others to join your group. You may also consider joining more than one committee. If you specialize in multiple areas choosing more than one committee may enable you to expand your outreach and share your knowledge.