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​Description of Officer Positions

​All current student members are automatically enrolled in the Student Association. You can view the directory of student members to connect and collaborate with your peers. All Student Association members will receive virtual meeting invitations as dates are determined. Not getting emails? Check your email ​settings.

Student Member List

Officer Eligibility

Officer elections are conducted at the Student Association meeting directly preceding the start of the academic year (August or September) All current student members, that are not graduating in the coming academic year, are encouraged to nominate themselves (or others) for a officer position. 

Please note: we reserve appointments of Chair and Vice Chair positions to those that have previously held an officer position. 

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

There are additional opportunities to contribute to the Student Association without being an officer. Simply attend one of the Student Association meetings where additional ways to participate are discussed.​

Officer Positions and Responsibilities

  • Committee Chair (One year term)

    Maintain the focus and direction of the association, officially represent the organization, help organize meetings, write meeting agendas, make meeting agendas available to the committee before meetings, and attend all meetings and activities. Coordinate the efforts of other officers and lead general meetings. The committee Chair will advance as the immediate Past Chair for one year to support the committee chair.

  • Vice Chair  (One year term)

    Assist the chair in the administration of their duties and officially represent the organization in the absence of the chair. Vice Chair will advance to the position of Committee Chair after the term concludes.

  • Immediate Past Chair (One year term)
    Support committee chairs in their responsibilities.
  • Treasurer  (One year term)

    Responsible for organizing, planning, and coordinating fundraising events, when necessary, with staff support.
  • ​Secretary  (One year term)

    Help arrange Student Association Meetings with the Chair throughout the year. Take meeting notes and minutes and distribute minutes and notes to the committee during the year. Assist with planning and carrying out student social/dinner during Cereals & Grains Conference.
  • Engagement Chair (One year term)

    Responsible for organizing and coordinating annual engagement events and/or activities. Communicate with competitors and judges regarding competition criteria, logistics, and award distribution information.
  • Engagement Vice Chair  (One year term)

    Assist the Engagement Chair in his/her roles and responsibilities. The Vice-Chair will serve as the Engagement chair following the term as Vice Chair.
  • Engagement Past Chair (One year term)

    Assist new chair with responsibilities and guide by relaying procedural and historical committee knowledge to ensure supported officer transitions.​
  • Online Communicator (One year term: eligible for re-election)

    Responsible for disseminating announcements related to organizational activity and record-keeping during all meetings and activities on Student Association social media pages. Keep records and updates from our Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Student Association Area/University Representatives (One year t​erm: eligible for re-election if enrolled or employed at the representative institution)

    Officially represent  Cereals & Grains Association on their campus or area. This officer is also responsible for the dissemination of announcements related to any organizational activity on their campus/area and for creating an awareness/presence of Cereals & Grains Association​ there.

All Members

All members are asked to:

  • Promote and encourage Cereals & Grains Association membership.
  • Attend and participate in Student Association Meetings throughout the year.
  • Attend and encourage participation in the Cereals & Grains Association Conference.

All leadership positions are responsible for regularly checking the Student Association's e-mail account and maintaining communication with the members of the Student Association, Cereals & Grains Association, and headquarters staff.