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​Explore this member offering from Cereal & Grains Association! The Food for Thought series provides a wealth of resources dedicated to various topics in cereal grain science by curating scientific content from inside and outside our association. From plant-based proteins to durum wheat, Food for Thought collects leading information on the topics most important in the world of cereal grain science today. 

How it works: 

  1.  Log in ​to your member account.​ 

  2.  Select a topic below to view all of the resources gathered in a specific subject area by an expert Guest Editor​ and Cereals & Grains Association member from the field.

  3. View the unique breadth of scientific information we’ve collected on each topic. The available content will vary by topic, but may include presentations from industry leaders, journal articles, webinars, publications, and/or Methods. 

  4. Head over to the Food for Thought Forum (hosted in The Grain Bin​ member community) ​to partic​ipate in an interactive, virtual discussion moderated by members and subject-matter experts serving as our Guest Moderators. While you can view information on your own schedule, the discussion surrounding each dedicated topic starts on a specific date.

    The asynchronous community discussion on durum wheat is now Live!​ 

Take a bite out of our Food for Thought topics now! 

Plant Based Proteins

Plant-Based ​Proteins​ ​​

Discover plant-based proteins and their place in our science starting with an exclusive video presentation from an industry leader.

Durum Wheat

Durum Wheat

Discover the second most cultivated species of wheat (after common wheat). Valued for its high protein content and high extensibility when made into dough, durum wheat is ​ideal for food staples such as pasta and bread.​

Food Safety

Food Safety

Discover the importance of food safety in celebration of World Food Safety Day on June 7, 2022. Foodborne risk detection and management systems help to support safe, quality food distribution and improve human health. ​​​​​