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Cereals & Grains Association Divisions are one of the best ways to stay connected with colleagues in your area of specialization within cereal grain science. Divisions hold meetings, sponsor awards, and coordinate special symposia and divisional meetings at the Annual Meeting. Division membership is offered when you join Cereals & Grains Association or when you renew your membership. If you are not a current division member but are interested in joining, please contact the current chair of the division you are interested in or Cereals & Grains Association staff.

Division Leadership Forum

The vitality of Cereals & Grains Association is founded on the scientific expertise of its members. The divisions are a critical link in focusing the science action of the membership and enhancing Cereals & Grains Association science leadership. The Cereals & Grains Association Division Leadership Council (DLC) brings together the leaders of the divisions to develop science focused engagement opportunities in Cereals & Grains Association. If you have an idea for division consideration bring to any of the division officers of the DLC.

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