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The Cereals & Grains Association Nutrition Division gathers, compiles and communicates current trends, thoughts, issues and research needs regarding health and nutrition of grain based foods and related products. The division in focused on the following key areas:

  • Providing a focal point for cereal-related nutrition work and serving as a mechanism of communication of factual nutrition information to scientists as well as the general public. Any public announcement on behalf of Cereals & Grains Association is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Instrumental in identifying nutrition issues of relevance to the Cereals & Grains Association and facilitate coordination of selected research and collaborative studies.
  • Acting as a source of scientific information on nutritional aspects of cereal products. Any public announcement on behalf of Cereals & Grains Association is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.


2018 Award Sponsored by the Cereals & Grains Association Nutrition Division and the Kellogg Company

Congratulations to 2018 awardee, Anna Hayes, Purdue University!




Chair Nick Anderson, PepsiCo, USA presents travel awards to finalists
Anna Hayes, Purdue University  and Yujie Wang, University of Helsinki




The Cereals & Grains Association Nutrition Division is sponsoring the Third Best Student Research Award for Grain Nutrition Science during the 2018 Annual Meeting, to encourage and recognize outstanding student research within this field. To be considered, the student must be a member of Cereals & Grains Association and the research should focus on at least one nutritional aspect of cereal grains, pseudocereals, pulses and any other grains Cereals & Grains Association members would be interested in. A few examples of nutrition research topics include but not limit to the role of grains in weight management, in mitigating malnutrition, influencing gut microbiota dynamics and modulating chronic diseases. Students can enter the competition by checking the Nutrition Division Best Student Research Award competition check-box when submitting abstracts for the Annual Meeting. A panel of Nutrition Division members will review submissions and select 3 abstracts as finalists. The finalists will be further judged for the Research Award at the Nutrition Division Lunch Meeting during 2018 Cereals & Grains Association Annual Meeting. Each finalist will receive a $300 travel grant and the winner will receive an additional $1000 scholarship. All finalists will be required to attend the Nutrition Division Meeting during the Annual Meeting to present their work and receive travel grants. The finalists of the Research Award will be acknowledged at the Closing ceremony of the Annual Meeting and winner will be announced via email after the meeting. 



Criteria for Abstract Screening (100 points total):


  •          Technical knowledge and technical writing style (50 points): The abstract must be written in an appropriate technical style (concise, clear and accurate). It should have three sections - Introduction (justification/rationale of study), Experimental Design/Methodology,  Results/Discussion/Conclusion – and should provide enough detail to demonstrate adequate technical knowledge of the topic.
  •          Novelty (20 points): The study must be relevant to grain nutrition science. The abstract should clearly explain the novelty and significance of the study.
  •          Logic (20 points): The experimental design should support the hypothesis/objectives of the study. The conclusion should be valid based on the evidence/results provided in the study.
  •          Grammar and spelling (10 points).


Criteria for Poster presentation (100 points total):


  •          Research relevance and significance (30 points):
    - Relevance (the study is relevant to grain nutrition science)
    - Novelty (the study contributes new knowledge to grain nutrition science)
    - Potential impact of the study (the study outcomes demonstrate potential impact to grain science and the grain industry)
  •          Hypothesis and experimental design (20 points):
    - Hypothesis and objectives must be scientifically sound
    - Experimental design must be scientifically sound
    - Research methodology and techniques must be valid and up-to-date
  •          Results and discussion (30 points):
    - Clarity (the results are well presented; the discussion is precise and concise)
    - Technical input (tables and figures are informative and complete)
    - Logic (the conclusion is based on the study results)
  •         Technical presentation skills (20 points)
    - Conciseness (brevity and completeness of presentation)
    - Clarity (poster provides a clear and concise message)
    - Response to questions (student demonstrates understanding of the topic)


Previous Awardees:


Ramnarain RamakrishnaNorth Dakota State University


Derrick AmoakoTexas A&M University


Xin NiePurdue University

Working in Nutrition​?

Join the Cereals & Grains Association Nutrition Division. If you are not currently a member of the division and would like to join, contact Cereals & Grains Association Headquarters here. Membership dues for the Nutrition Division are $15.00 per year for professional members and $5 for students.