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​​Standard Definitions and Resources

Connecting Science to Key Issues

As industry issues arise, Cereals & Grains Association strives to provide science-based approaches and responses to address current needs. The extensive membership base provides the creative and scientific strength to quickly react and bring together experts on issues at-hand.

Through its activities in methods validation, Cereals & Grains Association is acknowledged as a scientific authority when proposing definitions and providing comments to regulatory agencies worldwide. Key Cereals & Grains Association definitions and related activities such as comments or guidance submitted to regulatory agencies are provided for your reference in this section of Cereals & Grains Association:

Cereals & Grains Association is regularly monitoring and determining necessary regulatory responses for cereal science. It was granted observer status with Codex, which ensures that Cereals & Grains Association representatives are in attendance at relevant meetings such as those of the Codex Committee for Methods of Analysis and Sampling and that Cereals & Grains Association member comments are recognized. The Cereals & Grains Association membership is informed of the latest updates and new definitions once approved by Cereals & Grains Association.