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Analytical Resources

Improve Your Lab’s Accuracy

Laboratories around the world rely on the AACC Approved Methods of Analysis, 11th Edition, and Laboratory Proficiency Rating Program to ensure the accuracy and quality of their work. The AACC Approved Methods of Analysis, 11th Edition, includes 350-plus methods and enhancements, including built-in calculators, videos, spreadsheets, co-lab reports, audio PowerPoints, and color images that assist users in understanding or performing specific methods better or more quickly. Requirements for the AACC Approved Methods of Analysis, 11th Edition, are consistent with those set by AOAC Intern​ational, AOCS, ISO, and the U.S. FDA’s Bacteriological Analytical Manual.

The Laboratory Proficiency Rating Program provides valuable quality measurement services including Proficiency Ratings and Laboratory Reference Samples. Methods users who also subscribe to the Laboratory Proficiency Rating Program can obtain valuable cross-referencing quality measures to assist in monitoring instrument and technician performance.

Trusted, Reliable, Respected

Cereals & Grains Association (formerly AACC International) pioneered the development of standardized methods of analysis for cereal laboratories in 1915. Providing analytical resources to the grain science community has remained a key cornerstone of the association. The AACC Approved Methods of Analysis, 11th Edition, are produced under the direction of the Approved Methods Technical Leadership Committee. Methods are developed and reviewed by technical committees for functionality and consistency before final approval.

Cereals & Grains Association introduced the Laboratory Proficiency Rating Program (previously Check Sample Service) in 1948 after recognizing that laboratories had only limited ways of ensuring accuracy. Today, laboratories continue to rely on it to accurately test equipment, monitor the use of proper methodology, qualify the work of contract laboratories, and ensure the accuracy of labeling information.