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The Cereals & Grains Association is proud of its members' many accomplishments that have advanced the association and the field of grain science. Help us recognize these individuals by nominating a fellow colleague to receive a prestigious Cereals & Grains Association award. All members are strongly encouraged to submit nominations for these awards at any time. All awards approved by the Board of Directors will be presented at the annual meeting. All nominations for awards are considered for three years if the nominee meets the award criteria. If a nomination is not successful in the first year, the nominator is encouraged to update the nomination materials if updates are needed for the following year. Award committees will have the prerogative of eliminating an individual who is not qualified for the award without that nomination being retained for three years.

2022 Awardees​


Honors association members who have made distinguished contributions to the field of cereal science and technology in research, industrial achievement, leadership, education, administration, or regulatory affairs. 

Weining Huang 
Jiangnan University, China​

Young Scientist Research

The Young Scientist Research Award is presented to an individual for outstanding contributions in basic and applied research to cereal science with the expectation that contributions will continue. This award recognizes research relevant to the broad aims and interests of Cereals & Grains Association.

Stephen Lindemann
Purdue University, U.S.A.

Edith A. Christensen Award for Outstanding Contributions in Analytical Methodology

The Edith A. Christensen Award for Outstanding Contributions in Analytical Methodology recognizes scientific contributions in analytical methodology, and service to the society through approved methods leadership.

Sheryl Tittlemier
Canadian​ Grain Commission, Canada

Andreia Bianchini
University of Nebraska, U.S.A.

Award Nominations

Please review award criteria and submission guidelines for each award prior to submitting your nomination. 

2023 award nominations will close on January 31, 2023 (midnight central).