62 Preparation of Sample Methods​

62-05.01 Preparation of Sample: Bread

This method prepares a bread sample for various analyses. This is accomplished by drying the sample at room temperature, determining the moisture loss, and further processing the bread by reducing it to a fine 20-mesh grind. The sample may then be subjected to chemical analysis.

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62-20.02 Preparation of Sample: Semolina and Feedstuffs

This method describes how to reduce semolina and coarse or pelleted materials to a particle size appropriate for analytical testing.

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62-25.01 Preparation of Sample: Fruit and Fruit Products

This method describes sample preparation for juices; jellies and syrups; fresh fruits, dried fruits, preserves, jams, and marmalades; and canned fruits.

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62-40.01 Preparation of Sample: Dried Pasta and Noodle Products

This method describes how to reduce dried pasta and Asian noodles to a particle size suitable for analytical testing.

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62-50.01 Preparation of Sample: Malt

This method describes a procedure to standardize the fine and coarse grinding of malt for moisture and extract analysis.

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