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Pilot-Plant Studies on the Continuous Batter Process to Recover Gluten from Wheat Flour.

R. A. Anderson, V. F. Pfeifer, E. B. Lancaster, C. Vojnovich, and E. L. Griffin, Jr. Copyright 1960 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Certain variables involved in carrying out the continuous batter process for separating gluten and starch from wheat flour, such as water-to-flour ratio, retention time, temperature of mixing water, and mixer speed, were studied to determine their effect on gluten protein recovery and gluten purity. Generally, the recovery was increased by increasing the mixing-water temperature and by thickening the batter. However, the purity of the gluten product increased as the batter became thinner. Processing also appeared to be affected by ash content of the flour. As the ash content increased, less gluten was recovered, and the gluten also contained less protein. Cost estimates for processing 200,000 lb. of flour daily to millstarch (crude starch slurry) and to wet gluten fractions indicate a plant investment cost of $316,100 and a processing cost of 26.5 cents per 100 lb. of flour processed.

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