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Wet-Milling High-Amylose Corn Containing 49- and 57-Percent-Amylose Starch.

R. A. Anderson, C. Vojnovich, and E. L. Griffin, Jr. Copyright 1960 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

High-amylose corn with starch containing 49 and 57% amylose can be wet-milled, with some modification in processing conditions, to produce a starch of slightly higher protein content, and in somewhat lesser yield, than is usually obtained from ordinary corn. A 64.4% yield of starch containing 0.51% protein was recovered from ordinary corn, as compared with a 43.5% yield of starch containing 0.7% protein from high-amylose corn (57%). An unusually large swelling of the corn kernels was observed during the steeping of high-amylose corn (57%). These kernels exhibited an increase of 128% of their original dry volume, as compared with a 63% increase in volume observed during the steeping of ordinary corn.

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