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Differential Response of Rice Starch Granules to Heating in Water at 62 C.

R. R. Little and G. B. Hilder. Copyright 1960 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

When comminuted milled white rice was heated in water at 62 C. for 30 minutes and observed with a phase-contrast microscope, starch granules from 24 varieties were altered to various degrees. Starch underwent little or no change in most of the long-grain varieties, while that of most medium- and short-grain varieties was moderately to greatly altered. The heat-alteration values for lots grown in 1955 were highly correlated (-0.76) with taste-panel scores for cohesivensss for cooked samples from the same rice lots. Varieties likely to be cohesive when cooked may be tentatively classified by this test, for which only a few kernels of rice are required.

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