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Effects of Fats and Nonionic Surface-Active Agents on Starch Pastes.

E. M. Osman and M. R. Dix. Copyright 1960 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Studies with a Brabender Amylograph showed that viscosity increased in a 6% corn starch paste at a progressively lower temperature as fat was added. The eleven natural and hydrogenated fats used, although varying widely in degree of unsaturation, showed substantially no differences in their effects on the gelatinization or the cooling curves of the starch paste. Addition of surface-active agents to the starch-water-fat mixture usually resulted in a marked increase in the temperature at which viscosity increased, as well as in the shape of the cooling curve. These effects appeared to be related to the length of the hydrocarbon chain and the number of hydrocarbon chains in the molecule of the surface-active agent. The character of the hydrophilic portion of the molecule also exerted an effect.

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