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Some Aromatic Compounds Present in Oven Gases.

L. Wiseblatt. Copyright 1960 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The only compounds identified in condensates from bread oven vapors were ethanol, acetaldehyde, and acetic acid. Quantitative analysis of a representative condensate from twelve 1-lb. loaves yielded these values: ethanol, 3.9 g.; acetaldehyde, 55 mg.; acetic acid, 58 mg. A synthetic mixture of this composition, and several variants of it, failed to approximate the aroma of the oven gases. Mixtures to which furfural and acetylmethylcarbinol were added approached the natural aroma much more closely; an "optimum" composition is given. It is manifest that presently unidentified compounds, probably in trace amounts, must determine in large measure the aroma of oven vapors.

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