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The Effect of the Degree of Polishing of Rice on Nitrogren and Mineral Metabolism in Human Subjects.

G. Rama Rao, H. S. R. Desikachar, and V. Subrahmanyan. Copyright 1960 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Negative calcium balances were recorded in human subjects when brown (unpolished) rice or rice polished to remove 2.9% of the brown rice was fed as the cereal portion in a poor vegetarian diet. Under similar conditions, rice polished to remove 4.1 or 6.3% of the brown rice produced slight positive calcium balances. In spite of its higher protein and phosphorus content, the brown rice did not produce higher nitrogen or phosphorus balances than the polished rice samples. Rice polished to remove 4.1% of the brown rice represented a via media stage of polishing with 1.7 gamma per g. of thiamine and could be recommended for consumption by rice eaters. The exclusive consumption of brown rice in diets containing marginal or submarginal amounts of calcium is not to be recommended as it may produce negative calcium balances.

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