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Electrophoretic Composition and Intrinsic Viscosity of Glutens from Different Varieties of Wheat.

J. E. Cluskey, N. W. Taylor, H. Charley, and F. R. Senti. Copyright 1961 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The protein compositions of hard and soft wheat flours were compared by electrophoresis of the gluten and water-soluble constituents fractionated from selected samples of the defatted flours. Although the amount of total protein was higher in the hard wheat than in the soft wheat flours, the amount of water-solubles, as recovered from gluten washing, was essentially the same. Hard wheat flours contained more of the electrophoretic components alpha, gamma, and omega but the same amounts of beta and fast components. A comparison based on gluten rather than on the flour was also made. When defined as the sum of the alpha, beta, gamma, and omega components, the gluten proteins of the hard wheat flours contained more alpha, less beta, and identical amounts of gamma and omega components. The reported differences were small but statistically significant. Purified gluten fractions from the hard wheats exhibited the greater intrinsic viscosities. This difference probably reflects the higher alpha content in the hard wheat class.

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