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Some Improving Effects of Halogenates and Their Reduction Intermediates in Dough.

R. Tkachuk and I. Hlynka. Copyright 1961 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

As the reduction of bromate in dough probably involves the intermediates bromite, hypobromite, and bromine, a comparison of the effect of hypobromite, bromine, chlorite, hypochlorite, and chlorine with bromate and iodate was carried out by extensigraph and baking studies on wheat doughs. The results indicate that the relatively slow reaction of bromate is due to the first reduction stage of bromate to bromite, and the first and second reduction stages (bromate [arrow] bromite [arrow]) cause the most efficient chemical reaction of the functional groups directly responsible for the improving effect in dough. Sodium chlorite compares favorably with bromate and iodate as a flour improver. The remaining reagents act as less efficient improvers.

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