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Starch-Liquefying Activity of Alpha-Amylase. I. Use of Pregelatinized Wheat Starch as Substrate.

Y. Pomeranz and J. A. Shellenberger. Copyright 1962 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Starch liquefaction due to the action of malt, bacterial, and fungal alpha-amylases was studied. Pregelatinized wheat starch was used as substrate, and the Brabender Amylograph was employed to measure changes in viscosity resulting from amylolytic action. When compared on an equal basis of dextrinogenic activity, wheat-malt preparations exhibited highest, and fungal amylases lowest, liquefying abilities; bacterial alpha-amylases were comparable to wheat-malt. Comparison of a commercial fungal amylase with a pure crystalline alpha-amylase of fungal origin (Takadiastase A) showed that on an equal basis of dextrinogenic activity the preparations were equivalent in liquefying activity.

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