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Fractionation and Zone Electrophoresis of Proteins of Water-Soluble Materials of Flour.

C. C. Nimmo, M. T. O'Sullivan, A. Mohammad, and J. W. Pence. Copyright 1963 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Zone electrophoresis applied to water extracts of flour using poly-acrylamide gels at pH 6.0-6.1 and either cacodylate or phosphate buffers revealed 15 to 17 apparent protein components. Paper electrophoresis was much less effective. Starch gel electrophoresis showed a serious discontinuity caused by a separable fraction containing beta amylase activity. Fractionation by means of diethylamino-ethylcellulose ion-exchanger permitted separation of several fractions. The bands shown by gel electrophoresis were accounted for in the fractionation. Substantial concentration of several components was achieved, and amino acid composition was determined for five of the fractions obtained. One fraction, eluted by relatively high ionic strength had about one-fourth the "half-cystine" value of the others. Other differences were smaller.

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