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Comparison of the Effects of N-Ethylmaleimide and Urea on Rheological Properties of Dough.

M. Jankiewicz and Y. Pomeranz. Copyright 1965 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Water absorption was increased and farinograph dough development time of a wheat flour dough was reduced to one-third that of the control by addition of a 3M urea solution. Consistency of urea-containing doughs dropped to an extent comparable to that of doughs containing N-ethylmaleimide (NEMI). But whereas NEMI-containing doughs were sticky and highly extensible, a "putty," lacking dough structure, was formed in the presence of urea. NEMI lowered dough extension and extensigram areas; areas of urea- containing doughs were lowest. Doughs containing urea-NEMI combinations resembled urea-containing doughs. Adding urea or NEMI after the dough had developed produced results similar to those from adding the reagents at the beginning of dough development. Adding MgSO4 retarded dough development, partially restored properties of urea-containing doughs, and increased dough development time about 10 times.

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