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Computer Evaluation and Machine Listing of Wheat Quality Data.

K. A. Gilles, L. D. Sibbitt, M. O. Holoien, and D. E. Peterson. Copyright 1965 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A program is described which uses IBM equipment for reporting the evaluation and certain mathematical calculations involving large numbers of different wheat varieties. In addition to this, a new format for collecting and recording laboratory data is given.This entire program is fast; it can provide any number of printed reports and is virtually error-free if the cards are punched correctly. The mathematical portion of the program computes the data probably 30 times faster than the older method which used an electric calculator. The complete program is flexible and can be modified to suit a number of different applications. In addition, both the laboratory data cards and the punched cards are easily stored and readily available for recall.

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