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Corn Dry-Milling: A. Comparison of Several Procedures for Tempering Low-Moisture Corn.

O. L. Brekke. Copyright 1966 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

In pilot-plant tests, corn (12-13% moisture content) from a single lot was degerminated in a studded-cone mill after being tempered by one of five procedures: 1) dry corn given a second temper, 2) pretempered corn, 3) pretempered corn with a second temper, 4) pretempered corn with both first and second tempers, and 5) corn given conventional first and second tempers. Degermination was moderate to good for each procedure. Although the conventional temper gave the highest degerminator throughput, the other procedures gave the best yield of flaking grits and total grits. With dry corn, oil recovery was appreciably lower. Results demonstrate that any one of the tempering procedures can be used. The choice depends upon various cost and process factors, such as product yields, degerminator throughput, tempering facilities, and dryer capacity, and the relative weight given to each factor. The results also point to the need for ascertaining the effect of moisture addition and movement upon the development of stresses within the corn kernel during tempering.

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