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Relation of Methionine Content to Protein Levels in Soybeans.

O. A. Krober and J. L. Cartter. Copyright 1966 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Widespread use of high-efficiency rations for poultry and livestock creates a demand for soybean meal because of its high protein content, relatively high protein quality, and the animal's tolerance. There is interest in breeding soybean varieties higher in protein, provided good nutritional quality can be maintained. The essential amino acid, methionine, is an important factor in such quality. Experiments were devised to separate, as far as possible, genetic and environmental factors that affect the protein content of the seed and the proportion of methionine in the protein. Methionine content was determined by a modification of the McCarthy-Sullivan colorimetric method, using sodium nitroprusside. Analysis of meal, representing a wide range of protein content, indicates that there is no significant tendency for methionine in the protein to decrease when protein content is raised.

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