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Cereal Chem 44:318 - 323.  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Some Factors Affecting the Biological Availability of Phosphorus in Wheat By-Products.

J. D. Summers, S. J. Slinger, and G. Cisneros. Copyright 1967 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Two experiments, one in vitro and one in vivo, were made to investigate various treatment effects on the availability of the phosphorus in wheat by-products. Autoclaving wheat bran, shorts, middlings, and germ resulted in marked decreases in their content of phytin phosphorus. The phosphorus requirement of chicks for maximum growth, efficiency of feed utilization, and bone ash formation was found lower when complete diets or only the wheat bran portion thereof were steam-pelleted. These findings suggest that a significant proportion of the phytin phosphorus of wheat bran can be made available to the chick for growth formation by steam-pelleting.

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