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Enzymolysis of Pentosans of Wheat Flour.

K. Kulp. Copyright 1968 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A water-soluble araboxylan was isolated from baker's patent flour. This polysaccharide was used as substrate in viscometric estimation of pentosanase activities of commercial enzyme preparations. Two cellulases derived from aspergilli and one from Trichoderma viride were found to be high in activity against araboxylan. The solubilizing effect of these enzymes on the pentosans of tailings was not correlated with the assay pentosanase activity. The T. Viride cellulase solubilized the insoluble pentosan fraction to a greater extent than the enzymes of aspergilli. This cellulase also modified the properties of tailings. A gradual enzymolysis of pentosans of tailings caused a decrease of water-absorption of this fraction. The modified tailings were superior in baking quality to those isolated from flour. At the optimum level of treatment their baking quality was comparable to that of prime starch. The aspergilli cellulases were less effective than that of Trichoderma. The pH, temperature optima, and heat-stabilities of the enzymes are reported.

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