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Chemical and Physical Properties of a 7S Protein in Soybean Globulins.

I. Koshiyama. Copyright 1968 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A 7S protein of soybean globulins, pure ultracentrifugally, electrophoretically, and chromatographically on hydroxylapatite and Sephadex G-200, was found to have molecular weight of 180,000 to 210,000 by four separate methods based on different principles. Molecular weights were 193,000 from sedimentation (S(0) 20,W = 7.92 x 10(-13) sec.) and viscosity ([eta] = 0.0638 dl/g.) according to Scheraga-Mandelkern's formula; 186,000 from the Archibald method; 180,000 from the Yphantis procedure; and 210,000 from gel filtration with Sephadex G-200 by the method of Siegel and Monty. The integral numbers of amino acid residues per molecule calculated on the basis of 180,000 were as follows; Try3, Lys86, His 19, Arg91, Asp191, Thr43, Ser116, Glu251, Pro71,Gly68, Ala75, Val78, Met3, Ileu88, Leu141, Tyr36, Phe81, CyS4, amide-ammonia181, mannose38, and glucosamine12. The numbers of N-terminal residues of this 7S protein to the nearest integer were found be be Asp1, Ala1, Gly1, Val1, Ser2, Tyr1, Gl;u1, and Leu (Ileu)1.

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