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Effects of Storage Condition on Oil Analysis of Milled Corn Fractions by Gas-Liquid Chromatography.

L. T. Black, G. G. Spyres, and O. L. Brekke. Copyright 1969 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Storage of various oil-bearing agricultural commodities usually causes a drop in oil content as measured by extraction with petroleum ether. The phenomenon involved in this change, and conditions which affect it, have been explored to a limited extent. A gas-chromatographic method, developed at this Laboratory for determining the oil content of dry-milled corn fractions, was used to examine the effects of heat, particle size, and type of atmosphere on changes in extractable oil content. Ground and unground corn grits were held for various periods under atmospheres of air, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, and vacuum and at temperatures ranging from -25 to 160 C. These experiments demonstrated that loss of soluble oil was directly related to storage time, temperature, particle size, and oxygen content of the atmosphere.

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