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Corn Dry-Milling: Cold-Tempering and Degermination of Corn of Various Initial Moisture Contents.

O. L. Brekke and W. F. Kwolek. Copyright 1969 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Shelled corn initially containing 21, 17, and 13% moisture was cold-tempered (i.e., without heat) and degerminated on a pilot-plant scale to determine the variation in dry-milling response. Corn for the two lower moisture levels had been dried on the ear under extremely mild conditions typically used for seed corn. For the tempering step, low, moderate, and high addition levels were used for the first-temper water; temper times were 0.5 to 4 hr. Upon degermination of tempered corn from each of the three lots, 21%- moisture corn gave products whose yields and oil contents were excellent. Over-all, this lot had the highest yield of flaking grits with lowest oil content, along with more recoverable oil, and was the most consistent in its milling response. The 17%-moisture corn gave slightly poorer results and the 13%-moisture corn, appreciably poorer. Blending corn of various moisture contents aggravates the dry-miller's problems.

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