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The Hydrolysis of Alpha Naphthyl Acetate and L-Leucyl-Beta-Naphthylamide by Enzymes from Wheat Embryo.

N. Prentice, W. C. Burger, M. Moeller, and J. Kastenschmidt. Copyright 1970 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Commercial wheat embryo, and embryo excised by hand from Selkirk HRS wheat and Leeds durum wheat, contained two enzymes that hydrolyzed alpha naphthyl acetate, and one enzyme that hydrolyzed L-leucyl- beta-naphthylamide (LNA). Their behavior during extraction and purification, and when exposed to various pH values and temperatures, showed some similarities to the behavior of the corresponding enzymes in germinated barley. Km values for the Leeds enzymes suggested that these differ significantly from the corresponding enzymes from the other embryos. Km values also showed that differences existed between the wheat and barley enzymes. Wheat embryo LNA-ase yielded highly variable results in treatments at pH 5 and 8.

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