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Air-Classification and Baking Characteristics of High-Protein Atlas 66 X Comanche Lines of Hard Red Winter Wheat.

P. J. Mattern, V. A. Johnson, and J. W. Schmidt. Copyright 1970 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Atlas 66, a soft wheat, has been used since 1953 as a genetic source of higher protein in wheat. Eleven high- protein Atlas 66 X Comanche lines with a range of endosperm hardness, and parent varieties, were evaluated for their air-classification and baking properties. The coarse fraction from Atlas 66 was 3.7% higher in protein content than the parent flour. Its "pastry fraction" was higher in protein content than that normally separated from a low-protein soft wheat flour. High-protein lines with soft endosperm exhibited fractionation properties similar to those of Atlas 66. Therefore, a completely new scheme for product use would be necessary in the air classification of high-protein soft wheats derived from Atlas 66. Air-classified fractions were blended to 12% flour protein for the baking evaluation. Dough-mixing properties ranged between the parental types. Five selections were equal to Comanche in loaf volume and bread rating.

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