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Rheological Studies of Dough with the Hoeppler Consistometer.

J. Prihoda, J. Hampl, and S. Karlova. Copyright 1971 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Some rheological properties of dough were investigated with the Hoeppler consistometer. The data obtained with this instrument can be used to plot flow curves which show the relation between velocity of falling ball and stress. These flow curves were affected by differences in flour quality, and to a lesser degree by mixing time; fermentation time had essentially no effect. At constant stress, the velocity of ball vs. time of mixing plots can be used to obtain information on the viscous and elastic components of the rheological properties of dough. Each flour showed a characteristic mixing time when the apparent viscosity and elasticity were maxiumum. The maxima in viscosity and elasticity did not occur at the same mixing time. During fermentation the dough showed maximum elasticity after 1.5 hr., whereas viscosity decreased steadily up to 3 hr.

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