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Effect of Variability in Sugar Granulation on the Evaluation of Flour Cookie Quality.

L. T. Kissell, B. D. Marshall, and W. T. Yamazaki. Copyright 1973 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The effects of sugar particle size on the evaluation of soft wheat flour quality were determined by a sensitive cookie-baking method. Sugars with different particle-size distributions varied in ability to differentiate two flours with contrasting qualities. Optimum performance of the test was obtained using sugar with a mean size range of 250 to 200 microns. Ten varietal flours were tested with monosized sugar fractions from sieve separations on 10 screens ranging from 24 to 200 mesh per in. Cookie spread and top- grain scores increased with decreasing mean particle size of sugar, and differentiation improved with sugars in the through 48-mesh to over 80-mesh (295 to 175 microns). Natural distributions of sugars were truncated at 32-, 35-, and 48-mesh cutpoints, with each finer separate exhibiting improved cookie spread and appearance. Monosized sugar fractions were blended to give normal distributions about mean sizes of 240, 185, and 155 microns, respectively. Cookie performance and overall differentiation among flours from several wheat varieties were improved progressively with decreasing mean particle size of the sugar blends within the limits of the conducted trials.

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