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The Chemical Nature of the Bound Nicotinic Acid of Wheat Bran: Studies of Partial Hydrolysis Products.

J. B. Mason and E. Kodicek. Copyright 1973 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

In samples of bound nicotinic acid (prepared in approximately 50% yield from wheat bran), at least 90% of the nicotinoyl moiety was in the tertiary form. A partial hydrolysis product of the bound nicotinic acid was isolated and identified as nicotinoyl glucose, by mass spectrometry, spectroscopic methods, and gas-liquid chromatography of the products of further hydrolysis. This partial hydrolysis product was obtained from bound nicotinic acid fractions that were both polysaccharide and glycopeptide in character. Bound nicotinic acid, therefore, contains nicotinoyl glucose as a subunit. The significance of this finding in relation to the limited nutritional availability of bound nicotinic acid is discussed.

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